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Researchers Discover Secret to Ache-Free, Active Living

Feed Your Joints Daily!

Over the past decade, there have been major breakthroughs in condition specific areas of health including eye health, cognitive health, gut health and more using targeted natural ingredients.

But what most people don’t know, perhaps the biggest improvement has been in the area of joint health using targeted joint nutrition. Researchers discovered that the malnourished joint is more vulnerable to joint health issues.

Supporting your joints with key joint nutrients that get depleted is key to joint health as you age!

Dr. Hogne Vik, MD, PhD

World Renowned Joint & Bone Health Researcher
Joint Food with Tamasteen™ Developer

Stop the misery and get active again with Joint Food!

Stop the misery and get active again with Joint Food!

Dr. Hogne Vik, Md, PhD;

World Renowned Joint & Bone Health Researcher & Joint Food with Tamasteen™ Developer

Daily Joint Nutrition Means Healthier Joints

Joint Food is so effective because it provides the most comprehensive natural solution for your joints.

The discovery of “Joint Nutrition” led to the development of Joint Food, a next generation joint health supplement for aging joints. The first joint supplement that provides both fast acting relief combined with longer lasting relief … all while supporting healthier more flexible joints.

Comparatively, other joint health supplements are incomplete, usually comprised of ingredients that may offer some temporary relief, but doing nothing to support the health of the joint itself - the actual causes of most joint aches and stiffness in the first place. Or maybe they provide some joint cartilage support but no short-term relief… or they use old ingredient combinations like Glucosamine & Chondroitin and others that were found to be ineffective in major studies.

Comprehensive Joint Support

Looking at the natural aging process inside the joint, researchers concluded that for a joint health formula to be effective it must satisfy all 3 areas of joint support.

You Need All Three!

  • Cartilage and Connective Tissue Support ☨
  • Synovial Fluid - Lubrication Support ☨
  • Inflammation Relief Support *

Research also showed that one or two, or even three or four ingredients won’t get the job done. To achieve a product as effective as Joint Food it required a combination of ten well-researched joint health ingredients, led by a new clinically-tested combination of ingredients called Tamasteen™ — the clinically-proven “secret” inside Joint Food!

Here’s all 10 natural joint nutritional ingredients in Joint Food, and how they can positively impact and your joint health. Everything you need for healthy, flexible joints as you age!

Inflammation Relief Support *

Tamarind Seed Extract

This powerful new ingredient from Southeast Asia works on a unique inflammation relief pathway in the body for more lasting relief support. *


An antioxidant powerhouse, this rare antioxidant fruit contains a special group of antioxidant compound called xanthones, which helps protect against the damaging effects of free radicals and inflammation on your joints. *

Full-Spectrum Turmeric
Root Extract

This full spectrum form of this Ayurvedic Indian-spice herb was shown to be more bioactive and effective, providing fast-acting relief support, bringing back mobility. *


A well studied natural enzyme from pineapple used to reduce swelling and help speed recovery. *


From the resin of the Boswellia Serrata Tree comes another all natural, well-studied inflammation modulating ingredient.

Cartilage and Connective
Tissue Support

Collagen Type II

Type II collagen is the main building block of cartilage, ligaments, tendons and even the connective tissue around the joint. Collagen in the joints is what gets depleted with age and wear & tear.


Clinically shown to help slow the breakdown of cartilage, MSM is an essential nutrient for collagen and cartilage health, but is hard to get enough of through diet alone.

Natural Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin for collagen formation and critical for healthy cartilage. Unfortunately, most Vitamin C is synthetic and derived from GMO corn. However, Vitamin C in Joint Food is 100% natural, derived directly from Acerola Cherries.

Synovial Fluid for Lubrication Support

HA (Hyaluronic)

HA is the main component of Synovial fluid — that’s the fluid in your joints that lubricates and prevents wear and tear on joint cartilage. If not supported, Synovial fluid can naturally deplete with age leading to stiffer, less flexible joints.

Cetyl Myristoleate

One of the best natural lubricating ingredients is this unique fatty acid, often referred to as the WD-40 of joint lubrication.

Fast Relief for Your Joints with Benefits
that Build Over Time

Introducing Clinically-Tested Tamasteen™

Clinically Proven and Only Available in Joint Food

Patented Performance

Fast Acting & Long-Lasting Joint Comfort

Years before a US Patent was awarded for Tamasteen’s ingredients ability to support a healthy inflammatory response in the body, slow joint collagen breakdown and improve overall joint function, a group of Norwegian led doctors and researchers set out on a mission. * A mission to develop a synergistic combination of effective ingredients for aging joints that would perform better than anything else out there — something that would change the joint health market forever.
Something that would help provide both “fast and lasting relief” for aging joints!

East Meets West – A Better Solution for Nagging Joint Aches

Recognizing that so many of the top joint support ingredients came out of Southeast Asia, a group of nutraceutical researchers from Norway traveled to India to work with top Ayurvedic Medicine experts experienced with natural botanical joint ingredients.

The researchers needed to understand just how certain southeast Asian spices and herbal extracts were able to have such profound effects on aging joints. They looked at over a thousand top Aryurvedic herbal ingredients — measuring key biomarkers for each that demonstrated their ability to reduce joint inflammation, slow the degradation of joint cartilage and support healthy synovial fluid (the fluid that lubricates your joints). *

They discovered just how the top natural ingredients were able produce such tremendous joint health benefits in the body, without the side-effects experienced with other products.

Dr Venkatesh, MD

World Renowned Ayurvedic Doctor,
Tamasteen Researcher

Triple Action Relief

three plant-based ingredients

That not only stood out among the others, but each worked through different natural “nourishing pathways” in the body.

Together they provide not just relief to nagging joint aches and discomforts, but they also help promote a healthier joint overtime… helping to protect it against future damage.

Tamarind Seed Extract


Tamarind Seeds are the real workhouse in Tamasteen, delivering something not seen in other natural joint health ingredients. Most natural ingredients do not work through pathways in the body that provide lasting longer-term relief. Tamarind Seed extract is the exception that provides that longer lasting relief, different than anything else we’ve seen or experienced before, a completely new ingredient to the US joint health market that the researchers first discovered in India.

It’s long been observed that people who live in certain rural areas of India, where Tamarind seeds are a staple in the diet, are uniquely able to remain active into their later years and suffer far less from joint health issues as they age.

The reason for this is no mystery… it’s the Tamarind Seeds. The local people grind up the seeds to make bread (instead of wheat) and other dishes, they also consume them all day as a snack. Now Nordic Healthy Living lets us all enjoy the benefits Tamarind Seeds through a proprietary manufacturing process that gently processes the seeds into a concentrated extract… so now everyone can enjoy the tremendous joint health benefits of Tamarind Seeds!

Full Spectrum
Turmeric Root Powder

Fast-Acting Relief, Less Stiffness

The perfect complement to Tamarind Seeds (which provides longer lasting relief in the body but is slower acting) is fast-acting Turmeric. Turmeric is well-studied as an inflammation reducer, but not all Turmeric’s are the same. *

Almost all Turmeric supplements are isolated to just one “active” inside the root called Curcumin. Tamasteen’s Turmeric uses a superior full-spectrum Turmeric powder, that has not just Curcumin but all the other actives in Turmeric Root too for superior absorption in your joints… fast-acting relief to get you mobile again.

The active components in Turmeric are called Curcuminoids. Curcumin is one of the main Curcuminoids but there are many others with great benefits for your joints and body.


Powerful Antioxidant Joint Protection

When it comes to aging joints, protecting them from free radical damage is critical. This unique Southeast Asian Fruit is an antioxidant powerhouse, rich in a special joint health protective antioxidant compound called Xantones. The perfect complement to Tamarind Seeds and Turmeric.

Your joints are constantly under attack by something called Free Radicals that your body generates in response to everything from unhealthy things in your diet, air pollution, tobacco smoke and more… even age! You need enough antioxidants each day to counter
Free Radicals in your joints and disarm them to slow joint aging and breakdown.

Clinical Proof Results of Tamasteen’s Landmark Clinical Trial

Peer Reviewed and Published Clinical Study Results

In just 8 weeks of taking Tamasteen participants experienced a 53% reduction in joint stiffness, a 54% improvement in joint physical function, a 64% improvement in joint comfort… plus significant improvements in joint range of motion, the ability to easily walk and climb stairs and more!

Participants in the landmark Tamasteen clinical trial were men and women, ages 40-70. The clinical trial protocol utilized the “gold standard” of clinical trials — Double-blind, Placebo Controlled. Participants took either 300 mg of Tamasteen (the same amount in Joint Food) or a placebo in the 8-week study. ☨

Improved Joint Comfort

Tamasteen users experienced significant improvements vs placebo, across the board, with the positive results continued to build over time.

Experienced Less Joint Stiffness

Tamasteen users experienced significant improvements vs placebo, across the board, with the positive results continued to build over time.

Improved Overall Joint Function

Tamasteen users experienced significant improvements vs placebo, across the board, with the positive results continued to build over time.

Improved Joint Comfort

Tamasteen users experienced significant improvements vs placebo, across the board, with the positive results continued to build over time.

Improved Stair Climbing Ability

Tamasteen users experienced significant improvements vs placebo, across the board, with the positive results continued to build over time.

Improved Walking Ability

Tamasteen users experienced significant improvements vs placebo, across the board, with the positive results continued to build over time.

With positive results in 5 days
that continued to build over time

Tamasteen users experienced significant improvements vs placebo, across the board, with the positive results continued to build over time.

with positive results that continued


Staying Active
and Strong as You Age

Aging is inevitable, so what if instead of making the goal to stop the aging process altogether (which we know is not possible) we focus on taking the right steps to grow older as healthfully as possible?

Sadly, the Anti-Aging movement in the U.S. began with the right intentions but ending up making age the enemy... something to be feared, something that is preventing you from enjoying a fulfilling life.

Yes, this fear-based approach has prompted many to take action, but ultimately the negativity leads to frustration and low self-worth. That’s why in the happiest, healthiest cultures in the world, Norway among them, we see people striving for “healthy aging” versus “anti-aging”. What’s the difference?

Healthy aging means self-care and self-love as we age.

This means taking care of your body and mind so you're not held back from doing the things and living the life you love because of preventable health issues... regardless of whether you goal is cross-country skiing with your children or simply being able to work in the garden.

Healthy aging is about continually becoming the best version of yourself at the moment. This means recognizing that there is a direct relationship between how you feel and what you eat, your commitment to exercise and movement, and yes what supplements you take.

At Nordic Healthy Living we’re all about healthy aging.

And when it comes to your joints and staying active that means taking Joint Food daily and following some of the tips we provide in the Doctors’ Flexibility and Mobility Guide that we provide free with every order - the latest information to keep you living your best life!

What’s Their Secret?

Another year, another report proclaiming that a Nordic country is the happiest in the world! In fact, no country has been chosen more often for the happiness award than Norway... despite the fact that it is cold and dark place for a good part of the year. What’s their secret? Many believe it has something to do with the other thing Norway is known for... dominating the Winter Olympics.

For a country with just over 5 million people, it is simply astounding that they consistently produce better athletes than every other country in the world every four years.

Both of these amazing facts have to do one thing - the active Norwegian culture. It’s who they are. Norwegians are out moving and participating in sports and recreational activities, winter and summer, and in the cities there are gyms everywhere.

Quality of life in Norway is all about being mobile, active and living life to its fullest. Nordic Healthy Living, with clinically-tested Joint Food, is committed to the active lifestyle and keeping you active as you age. Isn’t it time you tried the Norwegian secret?

Joint Food

is complete Joint Nutrition!

A Fresher, Safer, BETTER CHOICE...

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When it comes to where you purchase dietary supplements the best option, when available, is often to buy directly from the manufacturer. Here are 4 reasons why it’s best to buy directly from Nordic Healthy Living...

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Refund Policy

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It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Joint Food supports your joints with joint specific nutrients, called Joint Nourishment, that satisfies all 3 areas of joint health as you age with:

  • Joint Cartilage and Connective Tissue Support
  • Inflammation Relief Support *
  • Joint Lubrication (Synovial Fluid) Support

Joint includes a combination of “10” well-researched joint health ingredients, led by the clinically-tested combination of ingredients called Tamasteen.

Tamasteen is the clinically proven secret inside Joint Food. Tamasteen’s ingredients received a US patent for reducing inflammation, slowing joint collagen breakdown, and improving overall joint function. * Tamasteen’s trio of ingredients combines faster acting-relief (Full-Spectrum Turmeric Extracts) with long-lasting relief (Concentrated Tamarind Seed Extract) plus long-term joint healing and protective support (Mangosteen Fruit).

In an 8-week clinical study, with same daily dose (300mg) in Joint Food. Users experienced...

  • Benefits like improved joint comfort and flexibility, and less joint stiffness starting in just 5 days.
  • Significant improvement over the 8-week trial, with benefits that kept increasing over time, including: 64% reduction in joint discomfort; 54% reduction in joint stiffness; 56% improvement in overall joint function; 53% improvement in joint flexibility.
  • Inflammation Reduction: Significant reduction in three major inflammation biomarkers. *
  • Healthier Cartilage: Significantly reduced biomarkers related to collagen breakdown.

The supplements can be taken with or without food, but we recommend you take them with food if possible.

Based on the results of our clinical study, and other users’ experiences, users experienced improved results in joint comfort and mobility that continued throughout the entire 56-day study.

Yes, Joint Food is designed for daily joint- nourishment. We recommend that you take it daily as recommended.

Our deep penetrating, fast-acting cream combines two proven ingredients, at their maximum strength without a prescription: Lidocaine to numb the discomfort, and Menthol for deep-down soothing, “cooling” relief. Plus, it has a unique combination of 6 natural ingredients that provide additional healing nutrients, antioxidants and inflammation-fighting support for your skin, muscles and joints - wherever you apply it. *

Bone Food is a premium bone density support supplement for aging adults, the perfect complement to Joint Food. Bone Food has 6 critical bone nourishing nutrients (4 minerals and 2 vitamins), in just the right amounts, that have been shown to help maintain healthy bone mineral density (bone density) levels as you age. It includes optimal amounts of the four key bone density minerals calcium, magnesium, zinc and boron. Plus, two key bone health vitamins, a premium form of Vitamin K2, the number one vitamin for healthy bones, in its natural form (known as MK-7), and Vitamin D.

Although there are no known reported conflicts with Nordic Healthy Living’s products, as with any dietary ingredient, should you have a concern it is always suggested you seek advice from a healthcare professional.

The booklet was developed by a nationally renowned orthopedist, together with a prominent physical therapist, with the best exercises, stretches, and dietary tips for your joints as you age.

Nordic Healthy Living stands behind the quality of its products. We are so confident that you will be pleased with our supplements that we provide a risk-free 60-day period to try your first bottle, with a full money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied for any reason.

To return, simply call customer support (phone number and hours provided below) to get a Return Shipping Label with tracking, then send it back to our warehouse. That’s it!

Refunds are promptly processed when the return is received at our warehouse.

  • For 1 month supply orders, just return any product (opened or unopened), and we’ll give you a full refund of the purchase price less s/h. To obtain this refund you must return the product within 60 days after receipt of your product.
  • For 2, 3, 6 or 12 month supply orders, your first month-bottle is yours to try and keep, and there’s no rush – you’ve got 60 days to try it. If not satisfied for any reason, simply return the rest of your supply “unopened with neck seal intact” and get a complete refund of the product price less s/h. To obtain this refund you must return the bottles within 60 days after receipt of your product. If not all the bottles are received, beyond the first-month free-bottle, then the refund will be prorated based upon the number of unopened bottles received.

Subscription Refund Clause:

The customer shall be entitled to a refund for the first package purchased on subscription, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The customer must request a refund within 60 days from the date of receiving the first package.
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Upon meeting the above conditions, the customer will be eligible for a refund of the purchase price for the first package purchased on subscription. The refund will be processed using the original payment method within 10 days from the date of receiving the product back at our warehouse.

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