What’s Their Secret? Norway

Another year, another report proclaiming that a Nordic country is the happiest in the world! In fact, no country has been chosen more often for the happiness award than Norway... despite the fact that it is cold and dark place for a good part of the year. What’s their secret? Many believe it has something to do with the other thing Norway is known for... dominating the Winter Olympics.

For a country with just over 5 million people, it is simply astounding that they consistently produce better athletes than every other country in the world every four years.

Both of these amazing facts have to do one thing - the active Norwegian culture. It’s who they are. Norwegians are out moving and participating in sports and recreational activities, winter and summer, and in the cities there are gyms everywhere.

Quality of life in Norway is all about being mobile, active and living life to its fullest. Nordic Healthy Living, with clinically-tested Joint Food, is committed to the active lifestyle and keeping you active as you age. Isn’t it time you tried the Norwegian secret?