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Bone Food

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Patented Bone Food is a natural supplement that provides complete “bone specific” nutritional support for maintaining strong bones as we age.

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Stay active and mobile!

Stay active and mobile!

I recommend my patients over 50 take Joint Food and Bone Food together daily to help them stay active and mobile

— Dr. Keller Wortham, M.D. / House Call TV

We’ve Got You Covered with Doctor-Developed Bone Food!

From the bone health experts at Nordic Healthy Living comes Bone Food – a complete bone-density support supplement.

Everything you need, in the just right amounts, to support your bone health.

Four Bone-Critical Minerals


99% of Calcium is found in your bones, and low levels are directly linked to low bone density making it a critical bone mineral. We use Calcium carbonate with the highest amount of elemental Calcium.


Equally as important Calcium, Magnesium is critical to the core structure and hardness of your bones.

A deficiency in Magnesium can lead to thinning bones.


Zinc stimulates bone growth and is considered a critical “co-factor” in the bone mineralization process.

You can’t have healthy bones without adequate Zinc.


The unsung hero in bone formation, Boron works by regulating hormones necessary for bone mineralization.

A deficiency in Boron can lead to serious bone loss.

Synovial Fluid For Lubrication Support

Vitamin K2 (MenaQ7)

The #1 vitamin for healthy bones, vitamin K2 makes sure calcium goes to your bones and doesn’t get in your arteries or soft tissue (things you definitely don’t want).

Most K2 is synthetic and not absorbed well, but we use our premium patented, all-natural form of K2 called MenaQ7 - the longest-lasting, most absorbable form of Vitamin K2.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption in the intestines, and improves bone health in in other ways too. We use premium Vitamin D3, which is superior to poorly absorbed Vitamin D2 used in most fortified foods and supplements.

Real People. Real Results.

Results may vary. Not everyone will experience the same results. Real Bone Food users, compensated for their time.

Results may vary. Not everyone will experience the same results. Real Bone Food users, compensated for their time.

Customer Reviews

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Ronald Shore
Can’t live without it

Starting taking Joint Food and Bone Food on a daily basis. Back, Knee, Neck pain is much improved. Highly recommend it for anyone with bone and/or joint discomfort.

Kathleen C.
So happy

The joint food is the best thing I've found to help me recover from past injuries and misalignment. So happy that I found this. Thanks